A 40-year-old learned Spanish in 14 days. Without effort!

Seen at Trafalgar Square.

Hasan, who works as a driver in one of the biggest transport companies, told us about the challenges of his occupation.

The job is demanding, especially for international drivers, he admits. I like being a driver. Sadly, the job is becoming more and more dangerous, mainly because of an increase in theft.

Hasan did his best, in spite of not knowing the language.

If you don’t speak Spanish, you could have significant delays on your route, for example at checkpoints.

I got sick of having to call my colleagues with every trifle. It is important for me to be independent.

After a colleague got in an accident, Hasan decided to learn the language. He chose Spanish because of the routes his employers sent him on.

I wanted to be sure I could manage in a crisis situation. For example, that I could call an ambulance or fill out a hospital form.

My friend had serious problems because he couldn’t speak the language. If he knew Spanish, he could have handled things much quicker.

Hasan was worried about learning on his own. He had no alternative, though – working as a driver does not allow for regular work with a tutor.

In this line of work you stay at home for a week, and then you get a job that puts you on the road for as much as a month.

I needed lessons that I could listen to while driving. I focused on learning entire phrases and words. I also listened to dialogues a lot.

He did an excellent job. From the start, he claimed his age was not an impediment.

I never thought I couldn’t learn just because I was 40 years old. For me, it’s a chance for development and a shot at better contracts and better earnings.

After learning for two weeks, he could already speak in Spanish.

I focused on audio lessons, and that was a good choice. Already in the first week, I started understanding a lot, and a week later I could speak Spanish with other drivers.

Hasan adds that he was motivated by effects most of all.

When I saw with my own eyes that after two weeks of repeating words and phrases I was able to talk with a colleague for a few minutes in a parking lot, I was dumbstruck. I was so proud of myself!

He has been learning Spanish for almost a year. He practices conversation while shopping on gas stations, or at truck stops, speaking with other drivers.

I never thought of learning as an effort. I would have wasted that time anyway, listening to music. Now I can listen to local stations and stay informed about the weather or traffic without looking at my phone. And best of all, I get contracts that pay better!

As he admits, Hasan is very happy about the progress he’s been making. His success in learning Spanish has empowered him. He even started learning another language.

My wife enjoys it a lot when I speak French, Hasam laughs.

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